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Ticketure is an API-based, mobile-first, ultra-modern ticketing system for museums, galleries and visitor attractions.

Ticketure was designed to provide patrons with a frictionless mobile-first purchasing flow, and applies the same principles to create efficient back office management tools for your personnel.

Built around a central RESTful JSON API, Ticketure can easily be adapted and extended to accommodate the unique requirements of your organisation and visitors. Whether extending the system to consume information from other parts of the organisation, incorporating interactive RFID tags, or providing a seamless white-label online shopping experience, Ticketure is designed to handle it.

With a combination of one-off events, repeating and timed-entry events, managing schedules can often be a difficult process. With Ticketure, we have thrown out the old way of doing things and have created an intuitive, easy-to-use process for creating and then managing any of these event types in real time – no more copying events to every possible time slot, setup and modifications take seconds not hours.

Ticket buying and Front of House has to be fast, simple, clear and intuitive across any device. Whether you are selling, redeeming or transferring tickets, selling or renewing a membership, or simply providing stellar customer service – our easy-to-use mobile-first solution comes complete with the tools to eliminate barriers and usher your visitors straight into the adventure safely and efficiently.

Ticketure includes a complete Business Intelligence (BI) suite which allows you to slice and segment your data for macro and micro understanding of your sales, operation and customers. In addition, our APIs allow for information sharing with other systems and reporting environments, allowing Ticketure to push information directly into your organisation’s existing BI solutions.

Ticketure has a built-in Group Sales process that incorporates bespoke pre-attendance questionnaires and the ability to send customers a link which will provide a ‘live view’/invoice of their order. This view details the order including all tickets being held, any payments made, and any requested changes. The instant that a change is made to the order, the group contact can immediately see this reflected in the live view. In addition, a ‘Pay Now’ link can be embedded in the page allowing for instant payment through the client’s web site.

TixTrack’s development team continues to innovate and provides new Ticketure releases on a monthly basis. This ensures that our clients are deploying a constantly improving system and service, and allows us to adjust our direction quickly due to market changes, new technologies or customer requests.

… and with TixTrack’s Mobile Device Management process, once we make a release available, with your approval we can roll it out to all your devices with no involvement from your staff (an IT Managers dream).

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