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Automatic Sync Technologies

Automatic Sync Technologies: Partnering with Museums for Accessibility

Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) serves as an essential partner to museum professionals at leading institutions across the country. With AST, your cultural institution can easily offer captioning, live captioning, transcriptions, audio descriptions and more to employees and the public. As one of AST’s partners, you can boost accessibility and offer more inclusive experiences for your archived content, videos, meetings and live events.


Rely on AST’s Quick, Effortless Compliance Solutions

AST’s captions are 99%+ accurate so that the people who rely on them can enjoy an equitable cultural experience. By providing real-time captions for live events and industry-leading turnaround times on transcripts and captions for recorded content, AST prevents delays that would otherwise create barriers for people with disabilities. 

AST also provides audio description services, which are a vital tool that allows people who are blind an opportunity to benefit from the context and value that visual components of video content offer. Our translation services are extending museum experiences to broader, multicultural audiences.

With AST, museums can meet their obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 or 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Partnering with AST means that you’re one step closer to having compliance covered. Plus, you’ll rest assured knowing you’re offering high-quality accessibility services to reach more members of your community effectively.

Leverage Scalable Accessibility Services To Meet Growing Demand

Using AST’s professional captioning services and automated workflows allows museums to meet their current accessibility needs, tackle their archives and keep up with the cultural sector’s growing demand for digital content.

AST’s intuitive process and integrations with top video and web conferencing platforms like Zoom and YouTube save time and resources compared to inefficient in-house captioning processes which often rely on volunteers. Incorporating AST into your workflow is a great way to break down the barriers that may prevent your audience from enjoying your digital content, live events and exhibits.

Work with an Experienced Cultural Sector Provider

AST has been providing captioning and transcription support for cultural institutions for more than 18 years. Some of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious organisations, including the Library of Congress, MOMA and High Museum of Art rely on AST’s expertise for their captioning and insight on more inclusive practices. 

Receive Expert Support for Museum-Specific Needs

AST works with industry-specific experts who provide support for museum clients. Our highly-trained transcribers and captioners can accommodate challenging and complex academic content. Our team and human professionals offer quick responses to client questions over automated solutions which don’t deliver the accuracy levels needed for access. AST’s cultural institution team works on solutions with our partners so that each museum receives the tools it needs to serve its community.

Depend on AST’s Safe, Secure Processes

AST relies on US-based transcribers and captioners who follow security protocols to ensure your organisation’s information remains secure and private.

Learn more about how AST’s accessibility solutions can help you and your organisation offer more accessible and inclusive cultural experiences at

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