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X-Plora is the evolution of the audioguide. It’s a groundbreaking guide that offers a much more interactive and immersive experience – via rich content, powerful storytelling and engaging gamification.

The goal is to deliver top-class experiences for the venue’s visitors and enhanced analytics to it’s managers, for improved decision-making. All of this while enhancing, not overpower, the exhibition/experience.

How do we do what we do?

Take full control of the visitor’s experience: X-Plora detects the user’s location, guiding him through the exhibition and triggering content when and where you want it.

Not all visitors are alike. X-Plora allows you to create as many custom experiences as desired, aimed at different targets: adults, children, blind or deaf-mute, etc.

X-Plora allows all media formats, allowing you to break the barrier of what’s possible with innovative and quality content that will set your experience apart from the competition.

Engagement is key. Strong storytelling is the backbone of a rich experience and gamification will keep your visitor interested and increase both data and revenues. Create an interactive experience!

Our intuitive backend allows admins to easily update content and provides comprehensive data one can read, understand and analyze in order to make better and faster decisions.

And, of course, a lot of know-how and hard work!

With COVID-19, X-Plora has dedicated its efforts to 3 new modules to face this new world order:

We have developed a system for monitoring occupation of rooms in real time, which allows the user, through the app, to measure the population density of the different rooms / zones, as well as general monitoring in real time, offering analytics on the generic movement of visitors.<

Allow visitors to interact with the touch-based experiences of your space, without having to actually perform the touch. With the second screen functionality, users are able, via QR-code, to replicate the content present on the LCD’s and other touch experiences, interacting with them from their own smartphone.

A digital version of the space, adding interactivity, informative or entertaining content, gamification and even e-commerce. Complement your physical space with its digital version and fill it with quality content that can be regularly updated to keep the visitor’s coming back.

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