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Virtual Conferences

31st January – 2nd February 

The Museums, Health and Wellbeing Summit will bring together inspiring presentations and actionable advice from those leading this work in Museums around the globe.

From improving mental health to combating social isolation, building resilience in children, to serving those suffering from age-related conditions, this virtual event will ask what’s next for health, wellbeing and museums.


28th February – 2nd March 2022

In an age of shortened attention spans, it’s becoming more evident that museums can’t simply be something nice to look at — they must actively engage their visitors. To do this, museums are turning to play, in its many forms, to both engage and educate those who walk through their doors.

This virtual conference will bring together museum professionals from around the globe to share best practices in creating engaging, playful experiences both in the museum and online.


28th – 30th March 2022

The health of our planet is one of the defining issues of the age, and cultural institutions have their part to play.

How can museums champion sustainable choices and educate the public about environmental impact? How can we make our museums more sustainable and embrace practices that reduce waste and move us towards net-zero?

The Green Museums Summit will bring together museums professionals from around the globe to share inspiration, actionable ideas and new ways of working.