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Digital Collections Summit

Call for Speakers

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
4 – 6 October, 2021

Deadline: 10 August 2021

MuseumNext is a global conference on the future of museums. Since 2009 it has acted as a platform for showcasing best practice today to shine a light on the museum of tomorrow.

Over the past year we have pivoted to virtual events, bringing together more than 12,000 museum professionals to learn from one another at what has been a challenging time.

In October we will be holding the MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit, an event focused on digital collections in museums. Digital has become indispensable to museums as they catalogue, share and grow their collections. But what’s next for digital collections?

A few subjects which you might wish to discuss?

  • What’s the latest digital tools and techniques for managing collections? 
  • How can big data help us to get more out of our collections?
  • What’s next for digitisation of collections?
  • How can we make our collections accessible to more people with digital? 
  • What role does crowdsourcing play in building better digital collections?
  • How can we enable contemporary collecting with digital?
  • How are you rethinking your museums online collections post covid?
  • How can digital take your collections beyond the museum’s walls?
  • How can we bring personalisation into our online collections?

Or you may have your own ideas.

We’re open to any presentation on digital collections within the museum sector, however we’re not looking for sales pitches and would point businesses wishing to promote their services to our sponsorship packages.

Presentation format
MuseumNext follows a fast-paced format of twenty-minute presentations with the focus very much on practice rather than theory (please note that this is the only format we’ll use at this event and we aren’t seeking longer presentations or panels).

All MuseumNext talks are to be pre-recorded by the speaker. This does not require an overly complicated set up, but we’ve found that pre-recording talks creates higher quality presentations and reduces technical difficulties during the live event.

All speakers are asked to be available for a live Q&A should time zones allow for this (the event runs 3pm – 8pm London time zone).

All MuseumNext presentations need to be in English.

How to Apply
Proposals for presentations should be made using this form.

Your proposal should contain a title, names of presenters, a summary of the themes to be addressed, relevant links as well as a description of the expected learning outcomes.

Deadline 10 August 2021.

What happens next?
All proposals will be read by our conference peer panel which will be responsible for putting together the programme for this event. We will come back to all those who put forward a proposal by 20th August 2021.