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Cloé St-Cyr

Cloé St-Cyr

Creative Director
Moment Factory

Having joined Moment Factory in 2012, Cloé St-Cyr is a creative director with a rich knowledge of the creative process applied to immersive and interactive environments.

Gradually specializing in the design of educational experiences, she seeks to push the boundaries of learning by using multimedia to transform each didactic experience into exciting interactive stories.

Trained in industrial design, she uses a ‘Design Thinking’ process for all her projects in order to place the user and the visitor at the heart of her thinking the creative process.

She contributes to the creation of temporary and permanent installations, indoor and outdoor, such as Arctic Adventure: An Immersive Exhibition (Boston museum of Science) and Foresta Lumina.

Cloé has collaborated with many clients, such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Singapore Zoo, the Rocher-Percé Economic Development Corporation and the Boston Museum of Science.

Cloé St-Cyr