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Daniel Iregui

Daniel Iregui

Digital Artist

Daniel Iregui is a Montreal-based digital artist who creates interactive sculptures, immersive spaces, and architectural interventions using technology as both a tool and aesthetic.

In 2010 Daniel founded Iregular, a now renowned interactive art creation studio. Daniel runs the studio and acts as Creative Director for all projects. He has led many throughout the years, and each one of them was experience-centric. His work as he says is “not meant to be seen, but to be lived”.

The interactive aspect is the focal point of all Iregular creations. Merging art and technology, the studio conceives and produces pieces using code, algorithms, geometry, AI, and sound and lighting softwares to generate real-time reactive content and produce one of a kind audiovisual experiences.


Daniel Iregui will be speaking at the Digital Exhibitions Summit 2023:

Re-imagining the work of James Duncan with Iregular

As an epilogue, of the exhibition “Becoming Montreal. The 1800s Painted by Duncan”, the digital work “Mental Maps” uses artificial intelligence to reinterpret James Duncan’s work depicting a composite world of dreamscapes of a Montreal that no longer exists. Chronicler of his time, Duncan documented Montreal’s development over a period of five decades, from 1830 to 1880. Exhibited together for the first time, these one hundred or so works offer viewers a unique journey into 19th-century Montreal.  Iregular’s proposal allows a different interpretation of James Duncan’s work and anchors it in the 21st century.

Daniel Iregui