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Felicity Paynter

Felicity Paynter

Interpretation Manager
Science and Industry Museum

Felicity Paynter is Interpretation Manager at the Science and Industry Museum, Manchester. Her recent exhibitions have engaged families with the incredibly personal and relevant topics of music (Turn It Up) and digestion (Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You). She loves creating playful, inclusive and authentic experiences. Felicity has advocated for audiences in museums since 2010 at the Natural History Museum, Science Museum and Museum of London.


Felicity Paynter will be speaking at the Digital Exhibitions Summit 2023:

Going with your gut: creating a playful science exhibition

The new exhibition at the Science and Industry Museum, Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You, takes visitors on a rib-tickling, outrageous adventure through the digestive system, lifting the lid on the fascinating science inside our bodies. Jam packed with physical play, hands-on games and interactives, tactility and sound, plus playfully presented objects from the Science Museum Group’s medical collections, the exhibition has been a roaring success with families. We’ll give you insights into how we balanced interactivity and sensory ‘wow’ moments with accurate science and inclusive interpretation, to create an exhibition that empowers visitors to be silly and appreciate their bodies.

Felicity Paynter