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Marcel Braun

Marcel Braun

Director Novartis Pavillon

Marcel Braun is a versatile global health leader with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility track record across various countries and sectors. He’s an advisor to C-level executives, known for results-driven leadership and cross-cultural competence.

With a pharmacy background and a wealth of credentials, including an Executive MBA, he’s deeply engaged in CSR, digital health, STEM education and global health initiatives.

As a motivational people manager and member of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit, he’s committed to responsible business, philanthropy, and sustainability.

Mr. Braun thrives on adaptability and tackling new challenges head-on, he is in charge of all exhibitions at Novartis Pavillon.


Marcel Braun will be speaking at the Digital Exhibitions Summit 2023:

Wonders of Medicine – Digitally Bridging Scientific Gaps

The Wonders of Medicine exhibition in the Novartis Pavilion is an immersive and intuitive exploration, where an innovative overarching digital strategy brings different interactive media elements together in a holistic design approach. The aim is to engage visitors actively, to simplify complex scientific contents and to transport visitors into the past, present and future of medicines. By the means of a personalised digital companion, the exhibition becomes a “film” to walk through. Visitors become their own interfaces when walking and navigating through the space, like “scrolling” back and forth when physically moving through the exhibition.

Marcel Braun