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Michal Čudrnák

Michal Čudrnák

Head of Digital Collections and Services
Slovak National Gallery (SNG)

Michal Čudrnák has been working on digital projects for cultural organizations in Slovak and Czech Republic for almost two decades.

At lab.SNG, he has been overseeing the development of Web umenia (The online catalogue of artworks from Czech and Slovak galleries), along with web apps for exhibitions, digital services and projects like CEDVU – collection management system for Slovak galleries.


Michal Čudrnák will be speaking at the Digital Exhibitions Summit 2023:

Atlas digital guide: embedding the digital collections into the new Slovak National Gallery

During the peak of COVID in spring 2021, we began to ideate different layers of digital experience for the new Slovak National Gallery building. The main component was the Atlas digital guide, developed in-house as a custom-built product. After consulting with educators and curators, we identified the following objectives as priorities: transitioning interpretive wall labels into a digital format, allowing visitors to collect artworks within the app, and expanding upon the existing online collections and digital content. We created prototypes for the exhibitions in the old buildings, conducted user testing, and used the feedback to inform the design and development process.

Michal Čudrnák