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LaTanya Lane

LaTanya Lane

Senior Strategist
Greater Good Strategy

LaTanya Lane is a writer and storyteller. She believes compelling stories are the foundation of social change and works with nonprofits to demonstrate their impact and inspire action from their bases through compelling narratives.

LaTanya always begins partnerships by listening deeply to understand the values and goals of her partners. Once she understands her partner’s vision, she is able to construct and shape narratives that illustrate their bold solutions to their allies and supporters.

She effectively shares these stories through the copy she writes, the graphics she designs, and the strategic deployment of these assets across a variety of online media.

Outside of work, LaTanya can be seen as a company member with 2nd Story and enjoying adventure and the arts in Chicago with her family. She holds a B.A. in English from Lee University and an M.A. from Chicago Theological Seminary.


Speaking at the Digital Income Summit
Monday 28th June

Online Fundraising 2.0

As you think about last year and your work ahead – new programs, new products, or expanding your reach – how do you know if you’re optimizing your digital presence for fundraising? We will explore how to assess the digital fundraising health of an organization in three areas: email marketing, website engagement, and social media. We’ll take you through indicators that we often look at when evaluating challenges and barriers to getting your message out and raising money online. You’ll learn ways to think about your priorities and leave with tactics to try.

LaTanya Lane