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Warren Wilansky

Warren Wilansky

President and Founder

Warren Wilansky is the President and Founder of Plank, a Montreal-based digital agency that specializes in developing websites and mobile applications primarily for cultural and entertainment organizations.

He takes immense pride in developing projects that matter and aim to make the world a better and more enjoyable place. He drives his team to connect artists to their audiences, citizens to their communities, and information seekers with the answers they need. Warren’s high standards and commitment to creating and maintaining strong client relationships are the foundation of the company’s success.

Warren strives to bring interesting, meaningful work to his team, and to set a vision of producing quality work in a supportive, cooperative environment. Warren has written numerous articles, attended dozens of conferences each year and now aspires to communicate the lessons he’s learned to those interested in listening.


Speaking at the Digital Income Summit
Tuesday 29th June

Connecting with Future Generations

While we all want to get back to a world where in-person gatherings are the norm, it’s critical to continue investing in your online audience. Your organization’s future success will be based on your ability to deepen connections both within and beyond your museum’s walls. By using digital platforms effectively, you have the opportunity to inform, educate and inspire this impressionable group. After all, the next generation of donors, tourists and museum explorers are out there, they’re digital natives, and they value emotional connections. It’s time to speak their language.

Warren Wilansky