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Ciprian Melian

Ciprian Melian


Ciprian is a specialist in web and cloud technologies, distributed systems and mobile PWA and native applications, with a specific vision related to digital tourism and cultural mediation. He has been involved as a consultant and architect for many digital projects over the past 20 years. He has participated in academic research work on data mining, machine translation and semantic web.

Ciprian is the creator of the GEED and DEEALOG platforms. GEED is an innovative hardware / software platform for the creation and distribution of mobile applications and interactive content, without downloading and network connection constraints. DEEALOG is a inclusive video display solution with lip-sync audio tracks synchronisations on visitors’ smartphones through a PWAs.

In 2008 Ciprian created a web-based platform for managing and publishing museum collections. GEED is the 2019 GLAMi award winner on “Behind the scenes” category with the Besancon Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology (France) project integration. It obtained also the second place at The Best in Heritage projects of influence 2020.

Speaking at:

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Introducing GEED

15 minutes! This is just enough to understand how the GEED platform works, its key aspects with inclusion, accessibility, agility and flexibility as its core.

GEED is a Creation and Distribution platform for WebApp scenarios in cultural institutions. It includes a web based BackOffice integrating dedicated tools to create multilingual and accessible Exhibitions tours, including Assisted translation, HQ text-to-speech generation, Camera based artworks recognition, etc.

In this talk, Ciprian will presents how GEED helps museums overcome barriers and obstacles and how to remain agile.

Finally he we’ll share his thoughts about new ways of monetizing digital content online. Stay tuned!

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Ciprian Melian