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Call for Speakers

The Call for Speakers for Edinburgh 2020 has now closed.

Speak in Edinburgh

In March 2020, MuseumNext will travel to Edinburgh, Scotland with a three-day conference focused on Transforming Museums.

We are now inviting our community to put forward proposals for presentations, workshops and other interventions for this event that go beyond the usual glossy case study and give delegates actionable advice that can positively impact their work.

The deadline for submissions was 8th November 2019.

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Call for Speakers

For our 2020 conference in Edinburgh we are focusing on the transformation of Museum Practice, Leadership, Careers and Audiences.

We are looking for presentations around these subjects:

Transforming Practice
– Making new ideas go viral in your museum
– Ditching job descriptions and creating dynamic teams
– Dealing with the fear of change
– Radical transparency in museums
– How to rebuild museum structures for the 21st century
– Introducing new ways of working to museums stuck in their ways

Transforming Careers
– Creating a vision for your career in museums
– Lessons in resilience for museum professionals
– How to break out of silos and make things happen
– Finding freedom in constraint
– How to be a museum radical without being fired

Transforming Leadership
– How to lead from the trenches
– How to run a museum with (almost) no rules
– How to create a movement
– Making radical change happen
– Creating a better workplace without breaking the bank

Transforming Audiences

– Putting community at the centre
– How museums can bring together people with (very) different views
– The Museum as an inspiring centre of lifelong learning
– Hacking audiences
– Changing approaches to mental health with museums

What all these things have in common is big picture thinking that can positively impact on the questions that our community are struggling with.

Presentations are 20 minutes long and should be presented by one person, workshops should be one hour thirty minutes and we’re open to other interventions.

Any commercial companies wishing to promote a service, product or exciting new technology to our audience would be advised to enquire about sponsorship rather than putting forward a proposal to speak.

Proposals should contain a title, name of the presenter, a summary of the themes to be addressed, relevant links as well as a description of the expected learning outcomes.

All proposals are reviewed by an international peer panel, with all those who submit a proposal hearing the result of their deliberations by November 22nd  2019.

The Call for Speakers has now closed

Please Note:

Conference speakers will receive free tickets for the event, but we unfortunately can’t cover travel or hotel expenses.

All presentations will be filmed and shared with MuseumNext conference delegates and our online membership community. After 12 months all films will be available for anyone to view on our website.

Please keep in mind the public nature of conference presentations being shared online when proposing a talk.