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Your Professional Development Just Got Easier…

MuseumNext Edinburgh is a three day conference looking at making change happen in museums. This event is packed with actionable presentations on transforming audiences, leadership, new ways of working and tech.

Bring MuseumNext to your Museum
Bring the inspiration, innovation and professional development MuseumNext offers to your museum, with films of the conference presentations that you can watch on demand and share with your colleagues.

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Get full access to recordings of every talk

Log into our private MuseumNext membership from work or at home to enjoy the presentations.

This means that you can fit watching them into your schedule, share them with colleagues in your museum and gain from the knowledge and experience of some of the world’s leading museums.

Virtual Ticket holders will have access to the conference content for 12 months from the event, and you can watch as many times as you like.

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More than fifty exciting presentations...

Buy a Virtual Ticket for MuseumNext Edinburgh and we’ll give you access to the films of our recent events in Amsterdam and New York.

MuseumNext Amsterdam: This conference was about the digital side of presentations with presentations from museums including The National Gallery, V&A and Van Gogh Museum. Subjects include organising teams, Big Data, Online Storytelling and Digital Transformation.

MuseumNext New York: This conference looked at Storytelling in Museums and featured world renowned author Seth Godin. Presentations looked at who’s stories museums are telling, Neuroscience, Games, Social Media and Design [More Info].

Virtual ticket holders get access to all this content within hours of signing up.

The Virtual Ticket Experience

Almost 200 Virtual Ticket holders signed up for our conferences in Autumn 2019.

Those who got the most out of the experience told us that they build it into their working week as a professional development tool for their teams.

But you can watch the presentations anytime, from a laptop, desktop, phone or tablet. And you can watch again and again over the twelve months.