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Amy Sephton

Amy Sephton

Chief Curator of Exhibition Design and Production
Iziko Museums of South Africa

Amy Sephton is a passionate museum professional dedicated to creating transformative experiences that unite diverse individuals through the exploration of objects and their narratives. In the context of South Africa’s cultural diversity and societal segregation, Amy is dedicated to fostering inclusive spaces for connection, confronting our shared past, and engaging in dialogues about contemporary issues.

Amy firmly believes in the power of impactful, immersive exhibitions as catalysts for thought-provoking conversations on relevant social topics. She emphasizes the importance of empowering visitors to construct their own understanding and encouraging reflection on their individual perspectives within the framework of diverse experiences.

Currently serving as the Chief Curator of Exhibition Design and Production and as an exhibition designer at Iziko Museums of South Africa, Amy oversees a wide range of exhibitions, ensuring their success and impact from conception to installation and evaluation.


Nkosingiphile Mazibuko will be speaking at the Green Museums Summit 2024 :

Crafting Tomorrow: Humanity Exhibition Unveils Sustainable Gems

‘Humanity’ is more than an exhibit; it’s a step towards a mindful, sustainable, inclusive museum experience.” Our commitment to decolonization led us to develop a sustainable, immersive experience where eco-friendliness and indigenous knowledge create Afrocentric designs from local, durable materials. Explore the collaboration between Material Scientists and Exhibition Designers as we share our sustainable printing journey, guided by the fusion of theoretical knowledge and practical considerations. Addressing challenges against the backdrop of museum logistical feasibility. We also present a retrospective examination of materials, scrutinizing their sustainability for future insights. Join us in reshaping museums for a greener, socially conscious future.

Amy Sephton