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James Dicks

James Dicks

University of Cape Town

James Dicks is a lecturer at the Centre for Materials Engineering in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Cape Town, where he also serves as the programme convener for the Materials Science Honours degree.

His research interests include “green chemistry” synthesis with biobased feedstocks and agricultural waste streams to produce reactive monomers, the development of biobased specialty polymers such as self-healing and shape memory polymers, as well as biodegradable and chemically recyclable polymers.

His research philosophy adopts a whole-system approach to ensure the sustainability of materials in the various stages of the material lifecycle.


Nkosingiphile Mazibuko will be speaking at the Green Museums Summit 2024 :

Crafting Tomorrow: Humanity Exhibition Unveils Sustainable Gems

‘Humanity’ is more than an exhibit; it’s a step towards a mindful, sustainable, inclusive museum experience.” Our commitment to decolonization led us to develop a sustainable, immersive experience where eco-friendliness and indigenous knowledge create Afrocentric designs from local, durable materials. Explore the collaboration between Material Scientists and Exhibition Designers as we share our sustainable printing journey, guided by the fusion of theoretical knowledge and practical considerations. Addressing challenges against the backdrop of museum logistical feasibility. We also present a retrospective examination of materials, scrutinizing their sustainability for future insights. Join us in reshaping museums for a greener, socially conscious future.

James Dicks