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Jenny Newell

Jenny Newell

Manager of Climate Change Projects
Australian Museum

Dr Jenny Newell (she/her) is the Curator for Climate Change at the Climate Solutions Centre (CSC), Australian Museum, Sydney. At the CSC Jenny works to advance understanding and engagement in the climate crisis, through exhibitions, events, publications and cross-disciplinary and community collaborations.

With a background in environmental history and a focus on Australia and the Pacific, she has used her curatorial roles in London, Canberra, New York and Sydney to advance positive human-nature relationships.

Her recent exhibitions are Future Now and Spark: Australian innovations tackling climate change. Her books include the co-edited volumes Curating the Future and Living with the Anthropocene.


Madison Kuras will be speaking at the Green Museums Summit 2024 :

Coming to a Shopping Centre Near You!

We museums love our regulars – those enthusiasts we know will show up – but how can we engage people with a limited interest in exhibitions? Especially when these exhibitions address a subject as daunting yet crucial as climate change?

Focusing on the Australian Museum’s innovative traveling exhibition ‘Future Now’, we explore ways of connecting sustainability and regeneration to climate cautious and disengaged audiences, as well as meeting the needs of the climate concerned. Stepping out into civic spaces, museums can help to hasten the social tipping points we need to secure more liveable futures.

Jenny Newell