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John Hagen

John Hagen

Curator of Indigenous Art and Initiatives
Anchorage Museum

John Hagen (he/him) is the Curator of Indigenous Art and Initiatives at the Anchorage Museum. Hagen works to further the Museum’s work with Alaska’s living cultures, with an emphasis on Indigenous art, artists, climate change, national and international connections, and other initiatives. Hagen is Iñupiaq, Unangax̂, Irish and Danish.

John Hagen will be speaking at the Green Museums Summit 2024 :

How to Survive: Considering Care in Exhibitions

Anchorage Museum staff share their experiences developing How to Survive, an exhibition grounded in care for each other and care for the planet. Efforts to reduce our carbon footprint often require an increased amount of staff time, energy, and emotional output, leading our team to consider sustainability as a more holistic endeavor encompassing many aspects of museum work. Addressing curation, design, fabrication, and community outreach—all while centering staff wellness—panelists will share learnings as well as guiding principles that can help us rethink our relationship to the production and display of artworks in an era of climate emergency.

John Hagen