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Katrien Laporte

Katrien Laporte

Design Museum Gent

Katrien Laporte has been the Director of Design Museum Gent since 2013, where in recent years she has been very committed to broad societal themes, produced major international co-productions and put the expansion of the museum back on the agenda with the new museum wing DING (Design in Gent) and the renovation of the existing buildings.

She also took initiatives such as Design Fest Gent. Katrien is part of the Museumoverleg Vlaanderen, Architectuurplatform Gent and is a member of the European networks Applied Arts, Design Netwerk and Muscon.

She is currently a board member at music theatre Transparant in Antwerp and concert hall De Handelsbeurs in Ghent. She is a member of the Supervisory Board of Hogent and a member of the General Assembly of Archipel.


Katrien Laporte will be speaking at the Green Museums Summit 2024 :

Rubbish Buildings

A Design Museum made from city waste. Design Museum Gent is undergoing significant redevelopment to transform its historic buildings and decarbonise its operations. In collaboration with material specialists and designers, architects Carmody Groarke are undertaking innovative research into the reuse of building materials, in particular the design of a low-carbon brick made from recycled municipal waste from the city of Gent that will be used to construct the new museum wing. Hear from the team behind the project as they explore the innovative solutions that are helping to create a sustainable future for this 120-year-old museum and its visitors.

Katrien Laporte