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Lana Hum

Lana Hum

Director of Exhibition Design and Production

Lana Hum has been serving as MoMA’s director of exhibition design and production since 2013. She joined the institution in 2003 as an exhibition designer and production manager.

Before that, she was the manager of design and construction at the Whitney Museum and an exhibition designer at several creative organizations, including M & Co., the Jewish Museum, and the Taller Puertorriqueño in Philadelphia.

With a background in architecture from leading firms like Pei Cobb Freed & Associates and Gluckman Mayner Associates, Hum leads a talented team of designers, production managers, and builders in producing MoMA’s exhibition program.

From 2015 to 2019 she worked closely with the Museum’s curators, conservators, and the exhibitions and collections teams in the planning and implementation of the Museum’s renovation and expansion project, opening 175,000 square feet of newly reimagined gallery spaces.

Boosting environmental sustainability in the exhibition design and construction fields has been a longstanding pursuit for her and the Exhibition Design and Production team she leads. She earned a BA in fine art from Wesleyan University.


Lana Hum will be speaking at the Green Museums Summit 2024 :

Strategies To Slash Waste And Maximize Building Efficiency at MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art is focused on developing strategic approaches to be a more sustainable and efficient cultural destination for a global audience. Hear from several of MoMA’s dedicated staff working towards drastically reducing waste and energy use in its world-renown campus in the heart of New York City.

Director of Exhibition Design and Production, Lana Hum, will share her team’s nimble approach to waste reduction during the exhibition design process. Sr. Project Manager for Real Estate and Sustainability, Jason Smith, will delve into how he is implementing strategies to minimize the Museum’s energy use while accommodating climate needs in the galleries.

Sr. Manager for Real Estate and Sustainability, Eliana Glicklich, will provide an insider view into how the Museum has cut its materials and waste by more than 50% and how it’s prioritizing metrics and communication approaches to lessen its carbon footprint and engage its staff and visitors on the sustainability journey.

Lana Hum