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Nigel Gilmore-Cook

Nigel Gilmore-Cook

Education Officer for Natural Sciences
National Museums NI

With a background in Zoology, Nigel Gilmore-Cook is Education Officer for Natural Sciences at National Museums NI. His work involves the development and the delivery of the natural sciences school programme across both the Ulster Museum and the Ulster Folk Museum.

Nigel Gilmore-Cook will be speaking at the Green Museums Summit 2024:

Explore: Urban Nature – Learning Together

Find out how National Museums Northern Ireland worked with local SEND students to turn a patch of bare grass into a biodiversity hotspot. Through a series of outreach and on-site sessions KS3 students from local SEND schools had the opportunity to learn about native plant and animal species, what they need to survive, and then applied that learning to create an individual nature plot for their school. Also discover how the Education team at National Museums NI have taken learnings from this project and are planning to weave them through the core learning programme.

Nigel Gilmore-Cook