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MuseumNext Digital Summit – Virtual Conference
25 – 26 March 2024

MuseumNext is a global conference series on the future of museums. Over the past 12 months our events have brought together more than 20,000 museum professionals for our virtual conference series, which has offered insight, inspiration and actionable advice.

Each MuseumNext conference has a theme, around which our community comes together to discuss the future of museums. In March 2024 we’ll be holding a virtual conference looking at the digital side of museums. 

We’re looking for inspiring case studies, actionable strategies and new ideas that can help our community to find digital success.

We’re now looking for speakers to make 20-minute presentations for this event.

Some subjects which you may choose to address:

  • How are museums using digital to stay connected with audiences?
  • How are museums create hybrid digital experiences on site and online?
  • How are museums adopting digital technology in exhibitions?
  • What are the new technologies that can help museums serve their audiences?
  • How is digital being used to open up collections online?
  • How are museums crowdsourcing contemporary collections?
  • How are museums using digital to offer new opportunities to learn?
  • How are museums using technology to generate revenue?
  • What is the future of digital in museums?

Please feel free to put forward any proposal that you feel fits with the theme of this event.

The MuseumNext Digital Summit will take place online 25 – 26 March 2024,

Please note: We’re not looking for talks on theory or commercial presentations showcasing products or services.

Presentation Format

MuseumNext follows a fast-paced, twenty-minute presentation format, emphasising practice over theory.

All talks must be pre-recorded to ensure high-quality presentations and minimise technical difficulties. Speakers should be available for live Q&As if time zones permit (event runs 2pm – 7pm London time zone).

All presentations must be in English.

IMPORTANT: Download our speakers guide here, to see examples of past presentations and tips for making your MuseumNext presentation a success.

How to Apply

Submit proposals using this form, including the title, presenter names, theme summary, relevant links, and expected learning outcomes.

Deadline: December 22nd 2023

What’s next?

Our conference peer panel will review all proposals and curate the event program.

We will respond to all applicants by January 12th, 2024.

Pre-recorded talks will be required by March 8th to allow for captioning, use in marketing and tech checks.