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17 July 2023

14:00 (BST)

Starting a Donor Circle from scratch

How do you engage private donors even without an existing donor circle or a dedicated fundraising department?

In 2020, the Nationalmuseum embarked on an innovative Donor Circle journey tailored to champion preservation projects.

Join Anna Jansson as she unveils the secrets behind this groundbreaking initiative, offering practical do’s and don’ts that you can apply to your museum’s fundraising efforts.

14:30 (BST)

Monetising Online Communities

See a different vision for the future of Museum fundraising, where philanthropy becomes fandom on a global scale.

Discover The Tank Museum’s pioneering model as Nik Wyness unveils the secrets to harnessing storytelling for content creation and winning over a massive online audience.

Learn how the museum now earns almost 30% of its turnover from micro-donations, online memberships, brand sponsorships, advertising revenue and e-commerce. Get ready to revolutionise your fundraising strategy!

15:00 (BST)

A Theory of Change Approach to Fundraising

Unleash your organisation’s potential for transformative impact by answering two critical questions: What change do you envision, and who will benefit?

This captivating session delves into how the Theory of Change approach can empower you to craft compelling fundraising narratives that showcase your project’s significance.

Join Rowena Dean as she reveals how National Museums Liverpool harnessed this methodology for the International Slavery Museum’s fundraising campaign and how it fueled an audience-centred approach across the entire organisation. 

15:30 (BST)

Lessons in Mission Driven Digital Fundraising

Discover the untapped potential of mission-driven storytelling as mastered by charities to spark empathy and captivate audiences.

Join Gabi Mamon and Gem Fountain in an enthralling presentation that challenges museums to break free from the traditional boundaries of buildings, events, and exhibitions, urging them to dream bigger and bolder.

Unearth the secrets behind the strategies and tactics employed by charities to acquire new donors, and unlock the specific methods you can implement to supercharge your fundraising efforts today. 

16:00 (BST)


16:30 (BST)

Sponsored Presentation : Art Fund as Funder and Fundraiser

17:00 (BST)

The Crucial Role of Engagement in Corporate Fundraising Success

Generation Z employees are demanding corporate action on urgent social, environmental, and political issues. As nonprofits, how can museums not only support these calls but also leverage their momentum to boost our fundraising efforts?

Let Heather Disher and Eva Bryant guide you in unravelling the core of authentic collaboration with corporate partners, diving into a realm of amplified engagement and contributions. Seize the opportunity to reshape your nonprofit-corporate alliances and revolutionise your fundraising landscape!

17:30 (BST)

Why an Engaged Online Audience is Key to Long-Term Donation Strategy

In this presentation Haydn Corrodus stresses the significance of compelling storytelling for organisations. He highlights the continuous nature of donation campaigns and the need to build an engaged community at the core of digital donation strategies. Discover transformative insights to revolutionise your communication and connection with your audience.

18:00 (BST)

Fundraising for the Future: The Future is NOW

In a world of “permanent change,” the arts sector faces a shifting paradigm due to global events, income inequality, and social, racial, and climate justice demands. Now more than ever, it’s vital to update arts funding models for the new era of philanthropy.

Embracing radical change and showcasing social value, impact, and relevance are crucial. The industry’s survival and prosperity depend on its adaptability, engagement, and utilization of cutting-edge technologies. Join us to reimagine the future of arts funding and unlock lasting success!

18:30 (BST)

Overcoming Limiting Mindsets and Connecting with Museum Donors

Join fundraising expert Mallory Erickson in this uplifting session for museum fundraisers break free from the mentalities that might be holding them back from truly connecting with their donors.

With Mallory’s guidance, you’ll gain invaluable insights into overcoming imposter syndrome, nurturing authentic relationships with your supporters, and discovering the secret to reaching the hearts of those who are passionate about your mission.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unleash your fundraising potential and make a lasting impact on your organisation!

18 July 2023

14:00 (BST)

What’s in it for me? Museum Members and why they matter

Is your membership program designed for revenue or visitation? How does it align with your organisation’s strategy and members’ desires? Harmonising expectations and demands is crucial for a thriving membership program. How do you marry different expectations and requirements? What does it take to build a successful membership program? 

Growing membership is not for the faint-hearted. It takes resilience, perseverance and the buy-in of your organisation. Getting it right is pivotal. Your members are your most loyal customers, passionate advocates contributing to your financial sustainability. Tune in to hear more.

14:30 (BST)

Engaging Millenials in Museum Fundraising

Millennials are making waves in the philanthropic world, backing an average of 5 non-profits annually with a staggering $30+ billion in contributions. It’s time for museums to embrace millennials as their loyal, long-term supporters – allies who can provide not just funds but also forge dynamic, mutually rewarding relationships.

Join Lynda Harwood-Compton in an enthralling exploration of the steps necessary to captivate millennial prospects and invite them on an unforgettable museum fundraising journey. Seize the opportunity to engage this influential generation and redefine your museum’s future!

15:00 (BST)

One size doesn’t fit all – how to develop a new fundraising strategy for a department of five different galleries and museums

In 2020, the University of Melbourne created the Museums and Collections Department, uniting five culturally significant museums and galleries. This department faced the challenge of harnessing their collective power while preserving individual identities.

Join us as Harriet Auld reveals the secrets behind crafting a successful fundraising strategy for a diverse department of museums and galleries. Discover the art of balancing unity and individuality in the pursuit of greatness!

15:30 (BST)

Crowdkeeping: turning crowdfunding backers into long term fans

Crowdfunding, known for generating revenue, also holds the power to create lasting connections with audiences and dedicated museum ambassadors.

Join crowdfunding experts on a captivating journey, where campaigns are the first step in nurturing enduring relationships with backers. Discover practical how-tos and an inspiring case study that could transform your museum’s future!

16:00 (BST)


16:30 (BST)

Supercharge Your ePhilanthropy Strategy

Is your website optimized for fundraising? In this session, we’ll explore innovative ideas and data from the nonprofit sector to boost your museums online fundraising prowess.

Join Barbara Mazer as she dives into the 2023 ePhilanthropy forecast, uncovering strategies to enhance online donations and sharing inspiring examples from arts and cultural organizations. Transform your fundraising game with these invaluable insights!

17:00 (BST)

Crafting a Captivating Case for a Significant Campaign

Faced with the monumental task of raising funds to digitise its vast and varied collections, the National Library of Australia faced a significant challenge. With only 10% of its 10 million items digitised, the library needed a compelling case for support.

Discover their journey to create an inspiring, donor-friendly campaign, which has raised $8 million, including several $1 million contributions, and learn the secrets behind their fundraising success.

17:30 (BST)

Enhance Engagement & Audience Growth with Smart Storytelling

Discover the key to effortless fundraising, bountiful grant awards, eager volunteers, and curious visitors by harnessing the power of content marketing.

Join us as we delve into building community engagement, expanding your audience, and transcending your mission beyond your walls. Learn the essentials of goal-setting, masterful storytelling, audience research, strategic planning, distribution, and success measurement.

Uncover insider tips to captivate your community with interactive and visually engaging elements. Elevate your impact today!

18:00 (BST)

Fundraising with Non-Fungible Tokens

Iconic Moments is pioneering new ways to fundraise through NFTs, partnering with institutions like the Universal Hip Hop Museum, the White House Historical Association and The Jackson Pollock Study and Learning Center.

With NFTs revealing a new kind of art enthusiast and art collector, institutions unlock potential for community building and diversified finances. Iconic Moments collaborates with museums and historical institutions by creating unique NFT digital art, inspired by traditional art and artifacts, often creating originals by digital artists, benefiting all parties. To uniquely build the bridge between traditional art and digital art, campaigns often include both an NFT digital collectible and a more traditional, valuable fine art print.

Join Chris Cummings, CEO Iconic Moments, and Helen Harrison, Director, Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, in a dynamic talk on NFT-based fundraising. You’ll gain insights to the current campaign, the approach, behind the scenes creation techniques, and fundraising goals.