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Museum Marketing Summit

Call for Speakers

Museum Marketing Summit
26 – 27 November 2024

Proposal Deadline: July 14th 2024

MuseumNext, a global conference on the future of museums since 2009, highlights best practices and envisions the museums of tomorrow.

In November, we’re hosting the Museum Marketing Summit, a virtual conference focused on how museums can increase visitor numbers, attract sponsors, reach a broader audience and get noticed.

A few subjects which you might wish to discuss?

  • The role of AI in the marketing mix.
  • Working across digital platforms.
  • Best practices for leveraging video content across social media platforms.
  • Building brand resilience in a rapidly changing market.
  • Strategies for global brand expansion in new markets.
  • Evolving strategies in influencer partnerships and performance metrics.
  • The impact of micro-influencers on niche markets.
  • The impact of GDPR and other privacy laws on marketing strategies

Or you may have your own ideas.

We welcome presentations on marketing from across the museum sector, but we’d encourage businesses looking to speak at the event to partner with a museum on a proposal.

Presentation Format

MuseumNext follows a fast-paced, twenty-minute presentation format, emphasising practice over theory.

All talks must be pre-recorded to ensure high-quality presentations and minimise technical difficulties. Speakers should be available for live Q&As if time zones permit (event runs 12pm – 5pm London time zone).

All presentations must be in English.

IMPORTANT: Download our speakers guide here, to see examples of past presentations and tips for making your MuseumNext presentation a success.

How to Apply

Submit proposals using this form, including the title, presenter names, theme summary, relevant links, and expected learning outcomes.

Deadline: July 14th 2024

What’s next?

Our conference peer panel will review all proposals and curate the event program.

We will respond to all applicants by July 31st, 2024.

Pre-recorded talks will be required by 7th November to allow for captioning, use in marketing and tech checks.