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Fredrik Edström

Fredrik Edström

IVAR Studios

Fredrik Edström is the founder and CEO of IVAR Studios, an award-winning immersive studio working at the intersection of storytelling, technology and cultural mediation.

He leads the IVAR Studios team in making world-class immersive experiences that resonate and go further.

Since 2016 the team at IVAR Studios has created immersive experiences for museums worldwide and documentary XR-pieces for clients like National Geographic.



Fredrik Edström will be speaking at the Museum XR Summit 2024 :

Memories of Mexico and Gamifying History Lessons

Why read about historical events when you can jump right into them? We’ve created a gamified history lesson about Mexico´s rich history – Memories of Mexico. The narrative is centered around the civilizations of ancient Mexico – aimed for young audiences and students. Designed to function seamlessly on laptops, tablets, and in VR via WebXR, the entire experience is link-based, requires no downloads, and is completely free. We want to share our insights and learnings into how to create cost-effective immersive experiences that actually work.

Fredrik Edström