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Nino Sapina

Nino Sapina


Nino Sapina is the CEO and co-founder of Realcast, an XR company leading the way into the future of entertainment. Created the award-winning experiences in mixed reality including Insurrection 1944 in museum of Paris liberation and The Adventure of Hangar Y in Meudon.

Over 20 years in video games. As an executive producer at Ubisoft, he created hit games including Just Dance (over 70 million copies sold), and was CTO at Softbank Robotics.


Nino Sapina is speaking at the Museum XR Summit 2024 :

The Adventure of Hanger Y

Hangar Y and Realcast unite past and present in a captivating mixed reality project. The Hangar Y, a historic landmark, comes to life through an immersion experience that begins with an exploration of its 19th-century origins.

This iconic building, a witness to time, is revealed in a new technological light. The experience then extends to the beginnings of aerostatic flights, highlighting the innovative processes that propelled the first airship.

Mixed reality provides an unprecedented insight into these advances, offering a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the pioneers of aeronautics.

The synergy between Hangar Y’s heritage and technological advances offers an exceptional immersive experience. Visitors are invited to step back in time, taking part in the evolution of Hangar Y and the technical feats of the time.

This unique project underlines the importance of preserving and celebrating our heritage through modern innovation, to create a memorable experience that transcends the boundaries of time.

Nino Sapina