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Rana Rmeily

Rana Rmeily

Associate Partner

Rana Rmeily is an Experiential Visual Designer, based in Germany.

She currently holds the position of Associate Partner at ATELIER BRÜCKNER, one of the lead scenography and exhibition design studios worldwide. Working integratively with experiential visual tools, Rana seamlessly blends technology and design to create expansive experiences that emotionally engage people with their surrounding and each other.

In her work, she is committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional exhibition making by exploring new and innovative ways to engage audiences.

Rana believes that collaboration is at the core of any successful project, often engaging and exchanging with practitioners and cross-cultural teams working in the fields of architecture, industrial design, light design, and experiential visual design, in collaboration with artists, curators, historians and educators, as well as scientists, researchers, and technologists. She is a firm believer that through collective design experiences, we can create a more compassionate world.

During the past nine years, Rana has made significant contributions to various international projects at ATELIER BRUECKNER. Notably, The Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, The Museum of the Future in Dubai, The Nobel Prize Temporary Exhibitions in Dubai, NARC Archeology Exhibition in Lisbon, and The Enigma Communication Museum in Copenhagen, among others.

Rana Rmeily