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Søren Aagaard Rasmussen

Søren Aagaard Rasmussen

Site Manager
MiA Grinimuseet

Søren Aagaard Rasmussen leads a capable and skilled team at Grini Museum in Bærum.

He is committed to communicating the significant history of Grini Prison Camp during WWII in a relevant and engaging manner for today’s audience.


Søren Aagaard Rasmussen will be speaking at the Museum XR Summit 2024 :

How to use VR in learning and educational museum program

Grini prison camp during WWII is the story of 20,000 people who lived behind high walls and barbed wire. It’s about a past marked by uncertainty, the loss of innocent lives, suffering, torture, resistance, and at times difficult human choices where the line between right and wrong becomes blurred. And how do we present such a past to the youth of today, 80 years after it took place? How do we tell the history of dictatorship, prison camps, and dilemmas of war in a way they can relate to, reflect upon, and discuss with each another in a meaningful og engaging way?

Søren Aagaard Rasmussen