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5th October 2020


In week one, we’ll look at living with disruption and the tools and techniques that can help us to be more resilient.

We’ll talk about self-care, being kind to ourselves and dig into the values that drive us as individuals and organisations.

Confirmed for Week One:

In conversation with Scott Stulen, President & Director of Philbrook Museum of Art

12th October 2020

Challenging Convention

In week two, we’ll discuss how we can challenge convention and create positive disruption within our organisations with new ideas and innovative technologies.

We’ll hear from people leading these changes, and our cameras will visit museums to see this in practice.

Confirmed for Week Two:

In conversation with Dierdre Carasso, Director of the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.

19 October 2020

Making Change Happen

In our third week, we’ll talk about the practical side of making change happen. How do you turn your idea’s into action? How can you better communicate what you want to achieve?

Learn from those who are successfully doing this in their organisations.

26 October 2020

What’s Next?

Our final week is all about what’s next? How will the world change over the next decade and how can we confidently step into this and lead change.

We’ll learn techniques, hear examples and put plans in place for moving ourselves and our organisations forward.