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Call for Speakers

Museums, Games & Play Summit – Virtual Conference
28 February – 2 March 2022

MuseumNext is a global conference series on the future of museums. Over the past 12 months our events have brought together more than 18,000 museum professionals for our virtual conference series, which has offered insight, inspiration and actionable advice.

Each MuseumNext conference has a theme, around which our community comes together to discuss the future of museums. In February 2022 we’ll be holding a virtual conference looking at the role of games and play in museums.

Museums are typically thought of as destinations to house and display art, artefacts and collections of cultural interest. But in an age of shortened attention spans, it’s becoming more obvious that museums can’t simply be something nice to look at — they must actively engage their visitors. To do this, many institutions are turning to play, in its various forms, to both engage and educate those who walk through their doors.

The MuseumNext Games, Play and Learning Summit will bring together museum professionals from around the globe to share best practice in creating engaging playful experiences both in the museum and online. We’re now looking for speakers to make twenty minute presentations for this event.

Some subjects which you may choose to address:

  • How can games enhance the visitor experience?
  • How can museums use gaming to their advantage?
  • How can play enhance learning activities?
  • How can museums tell stories with games?
  • How are museums using play to transform their galleries?
  • Playful learning experiences for grown ups?
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Play?
  • How to commission games for your museum?
  • How to evaluate the success of games in your museum?

Please feel free to put forward any proposal which you feel fits with the theme of this event.

The Museums, Games & Play Summit will take place online February 28th — March 2nd 2022.

Guidance for Speakers

Presentations should last 20 minutes and be pre-recorded by speakers. In addition to the film above you can find a PDF speakers guide with example’s of past talks here.

Why Speak at MuseumNext

Founded in 2009, MuseumNext has a reputation for producing high quality conferences which attract an international audience of forward thinking museum professionals. Speaking at the event gives you the chance to share your ideas and successes with your peers, find collaborators for future projects and gain valuable feedback from like minded colleagues.

Our virtual conference format gives you the space to reflect on your work and share your ideas internationally without the need to jump on a plane.

What’s Next?

To put forward a proposal to speak at MuseumNext, please use this form.

The deadline for proposals is 5th January 2022. All proposals will be reviewed by a peer panel and we expect to inform all those who have put forward a proposal the result of their deliberations in early January.