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Andréa Buoro

Andréa Buoro

Executive Director

Andréa Buoro holds a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. She specialized in working with civil society organizations as a Fulbright scholar at the Center for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins University, USA.

Her career spans areas such as social development, sustainability, education, and culture. She is notable for her role in creating and leading private social investment institutions.

Since 2014, Andrea has been the Executive Director of Intermuseus, an organization dedicated to strengthening the social role of museums in society and creating programs that integrate cultural initiatives with social and educational organizations, aiming to generate social, sustainable, and regenerative impact.


Andréa Buoro is speaking at the Museum Social Impact Summit:

The power of an empathy exhibit to address violence in schools in Brazil

In recent years, Brazil has seen a rise in violent attacks on schools, resulting in fatalities and resulting in fear and distrust among teachers and students. Intermuseus, as a partner of the Empathy Museum/UK, took the exhibition “A Mile in My Shoes” to schools. This interactive installation offers an empathetic journey, provoking visitors to see the world from someone else’s perspectives. The experience promotes a moment of introspection and complicity that stimulates discussions on empathy-related topics, emphasizing the importance of understanding diversity and respect for everyone. This contributes to creating a more inclusive and collaborative school environment, essential for addressing school violence.

Andréa Buoro