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Dickon Moore

Dickon Moore

Visitor Experience Manager
Wellcome Collection

Dickon Moore has worked in visitor teams for galleries, museums and heritage sites for over 10 years. In that time he’s seen how visitors really connect with ideas and content, and how this can be supported by the staff who are the closest to them. Dickon now works to equip visitor teams to engage with visitors, currently as a Visitor Experience Manager at Wellcome Collection.



Dickon Moore will be speaking at the Museum Social Impact Summit 2024 :

The power of visitor teams to achieve social impact

What if there could be tens of thousands more staff in museums across the world working directly with visitors to achieve social impact? You may be surprised to hear that these people already exist, they just haven’t been adequately supported to have this impact. Visitor teams are the overlooked key to museums achieving what they set out to achieve; to have an impact on the lives of their audiences. The people who are the closest to that impact have a unique opportunity to enable it, and we’re only just beginning to understand how…

Dickon Moore