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Kent Harris

Kent Harris

In Good Company

Kent Harris (she/her) is an experience designer based in NYC. A Midwest kid-at-heart, she is inspired by the ways everyday people live, learn, and play in built and 
digital environments.

Her work with civic and cultural organizations creates the conditions for more usable—friendly, functional, and fair—spaces. With systems thinking, qualitative research, and co-creation at the core of her practice, Kent embraces a holistic perspective that brings harmony and humanity to the complex ecosystems she engages.

Kent is a daughter, sister, and friend—her first and most cherished titles. It is to these relationships she gives thanks for cultivating the curiosity, compassion, and love that nourish her work each day.



Kent Harris will be speaking at the Museum Social Impact Summit 2024 :

Stop performing community engagement and start engaging in community dialogue

Museums are facing a moment of reckoning and a need to reimagine their role to better serve communities and repair generations of trauma and harm caused by their own institutional practices. We are in the midst of a time that is exposing the need for new kinds of civic infrastructures that help truth-tell, that hold spaces of belonging, that acknowledge and complicate our differences, and that create new pathways for cultural inclusion. This talk discusses how an active, community partnership-driven model of codesign can help museums become more rooted in their local communities and have a stronger foundation for future efforts.

Kent Harris