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Nejc Kovačič

Nejc Kovačič

Head of the Communications Department
Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

Nejc Kovačič is an experienced project manager in marketing communications and advertising. During his career, he has managed content and development projects for various local and international brands – including in the fields of culture, heritage and tourism.

As a consultant for the preparation of communication strategies, he has been involved in numerous projects within the field of heritage tourism and has assisted in the creation of tourism products in Slovenia such as Istrian Breakfast, Box of Culture, Plečnik 150 Jubilee Card.

His work in cultural institutions and advertising agencies has given him a diverse experience in the field of communication and marketing. In recent years, his focus has been on establishing strategically oriented communication and digital transformation of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana.


Nejc Kovačič is speaking at the Museum Social Impact Summit 2024:

Cultural Delivery in Your Mailbox

Have you ever received a postal package solely featuring culture and art products by local creators? We will introduce an innovative concept at the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, showcasing the positive social and mental impact of art and culture. Born during the pandemic, our idea connects cultural enthusiasts through postal deliveries, now evolved into a unique brand supporting local artists.

Nejc Kovačič