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Sofia Riabchuk

Sofia Riabchuk

Coordinator - Ukrainian Program
National Museum in Warsaw

Sofia Riabchuk – a coordinator of Ukrainian program at the Education Department of the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland.

A recipient of the Gaude Polonia (Warsaw) and Fulbright (Washington DC) scholarships as an independent researcher.

Before the war in Ukraine she worked in education departments at art museums in Kyiv, i.e. as a head of the education at the Arsenal of Art (Mystetskyi arsenal), or a director of the NEOducational Arsenal children’s festival.

Educator, lecturer, writer, translator in the fields of museum education, art and psychology. MA in literary criticism and cultural studies from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Kyiv) and psychology from Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv).

The main research interest is the slow art method and the therapeutic effects of art within a group work in museums.



Sofia Riabchuk will be speaking at the Museum Social Impact Summit 2024 :

Emotions in Museum or How Art Supports the Refugees from Ukraine

After Russia attacked Ukraine in 2022, Poland turned to be the neighboring country that hosted millions of people fleeing the war. The National Museum of Warsaw was looking for the ways to help this new audience in need. There were a few important steps that made the program for the people in refugee crisis to be not only supportive and even therapeutic, but also sustainable and growing. This presentation will answer the questions: What are the special methods of work with migrant and refugee groups in museums that have a visible impact? What are the most effective steps to support the people who need to anchor and feel seen in a foreign country and culture? How to launch at least a small program for the people in the refugee crisis?

Sofia Riabchuk