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Vinay Kumar Mysore

Vinay Kumar Mysore

In Good Company

Vinay Kumar Mysore (he/they) is an award-winning Indo-Canadian design researcher currently based in Brooklyn NY.

Vinay works with communities and teams to co-create new ways to build belonging and inclusion in civic and cultural spaces, including public parks, museums, libraries, schools, and hospitals. Their unique approach blends design thinking, community engagement, and social justice to develop compelling visions and tangible designs for our shared future.

Vinay’s work has been recognized across industries for its impact, including social impact (Core77’s Social Impact Design Awards), architecture (Living Futures Institute), applied ethnography (EPIC), healthcare (Dying Dialogues).

They were also selected as a 2023 Obama USA Fellow. Vinay is an adjunct professor of design at Parsons, a guest professor at SVA, and a board member of the Museum of Us.

In addition to their design work, Vinay is an educator, farmer, parent, yoga practitioner, and volunteer.


Vinay Kumar Mysore will be speaking at the Museum Social Impact Summit 2024 :

Stop performing community engagement and start engaging in community dialogue

Museums are facing a moment of reckoning and a need to reimagine their role to better serve communities and repair generations of trauma and harm caused by their own institutional practices. We are in the midst of a time that is exposing the need for new kinds of civic infrastructures that help truth-tell, that hold spaces of belonging, that acknowledge and complicate our differences, and that create new pathways for cultural inclusion. This talk discusses how an active, community partnership-driven model of codesign can help museums become more rooted in their local communities and have a stronger foundation for future efforts.

Vinay Kumar Mysore