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Wendy Gude

Wendy Gude

Experience Expert
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Wendy Gude lives in Schiedam, is unable to work and over the last decade has become a poverty expert through experience.

As one of eleven ‘experience experts’ she was part of the extended exhibition team, deciding together which themes should be addressed and which artworks would best represent the stories that were being told.

After the exhibition opened she was one of four experts to give guided tours of the exhibition. She also joined Warm Schiedam, a grass roots organisation working towards more humane local policies regarding poverty and its related problems.



Wendy Gude will be speaking at the Museum Social Impact Summit 2024 :

How can an exhibition about poverty make an impact?

What can a museum offer locals who know the daily stress of not being able to make ends meet? Would an exhibition about poverty help them in any way? Stedelijk Museum Schiedam asked itself these questions for years before deciding: the only way to find out is by doing. But they knew they could never do it alone. The exhibition Out of poverty was created together with eleven Schiedam residents who are ‘experience experts’. One review described the exhibition as one that “crawls under your skin”- a call to action to those living in poverty and those who don’t.

Wendy Gude