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20 November 2023

All times are (GMT) which is the time in London

14:00 (GMT)

In Conversation with Chris Cloud

Chris Cloud has been one of our most popular speakers over recent years, so in this session we’ll sit down with him at MCA Chicago to find out his latest thinking on social media in 2023 and beyond.

14:45 (GMT)

How To Succeed on YouTube

With over 100,000,000 views and over 500,000 subscribers, The Tank Museum has one of the most successful Museum YouTube channels in the world.

With over 400 videos, the channel has achieved over 18,000,000 hours (or 2,000 years!) of watch time.

What drove this provincial regimental Museum to seek internet fame? How did they do it? Who is watching? And what are the rewards of success on this platform?

In this presentation, Head of Marketing Nik Wyness will explain what he has learned about building audiences, creating content, and turning that reach into revenue – which accounts for almost 30% of the Museum’s annual turnover.

15:15 (GMT)

Johannes Vermeer at Rijksmuseum

Join Julie van Groesen and Sanne de Jong as they take us behind the scenes on the groundbreaking Vermeer exhibition at the Rijksmuseum.

They’ll share their online approach; telling a story about Johannes Vermeer using the online experience, spreading the story through social media and how they used paid media.

15:45 (GMT)

The Prado Museum Approach to Social Media

Since 2017, the Prado Museum has been creating live videos every morning, providing commentary on various artworks and offering a glimpse into the institution’s daily activities.

Different museum professionals showcase their daily work or discuss some of their favourite pieces while aiming to provide accessible and high-quality content.

The Prado’s videos on TikTok and Instagram have received international recognition and have helped bring the museum closer to society.

After producing over 1000 videos, we have built a dedicated and diverse community of followers eagerly anticipating each morning’s video.

16:15 (GMT)

How to Work with Influencers

What are the pros and cons of influencer marketing for an arts and culture organisation?

Join Becks Turner, Content and Marketing Manager at the Barbican Centre, as she chats through the lessons she learnt from running their first paid influencer marketing campaign and developing an influencer strategy for organic and paid.

16:45 (GMT)


17:00 (GMT)

The power of influencer marketing

Learn about how Art Fund has worked with influencers to build and diversify museum-going audiences, and drive awareness and sales of the National Art Pass and Student Art Pass. We’re excited to be joined by Dan Partington, Experiential lead at student marketing agency Hype Collective. Together, we’ll share some case studies and learnings to spark ideas for how you could use influencers at your museum.

17:30 (GMT)

From Prehistoric to Pioneering

What happens when you stop treating social media as broadcast channels and start focusing on having valuable, meaningful and playful two-way interactions with your audience? Learn how the Natural History Museum achieves over 2.3m social media engagements each year by focusing on channel-specific content strategies that deliver value for fans and followers. Get the inside scoop on our TikTok launch and how we achieved our first 1m-view video within three months, the lessons we’ve learned along the way along with the challenges we still have to tackle.

18:00 (GMT)

Creating a TikTok Creator-in-Residence Program!

For this presentation, I will speak about creating this TikTok Creator-in-Residence program.

I will first speak about the inspiration and how this program came to be. I will also go through our selection process and methods for collaborating and guiding young content creators to produce an enthusiastic and positive cadence for TikTok.

Lastly, I will go over how this program greatly benefitted our social analytics and how I recommend other museums and art institutions create their similar program.

18:30 (GMT)

Old Reels, New Feels

Have old exhibit videos gathering dust in your museum’s archive? We’ll show you how to breathe new life into your existing content with our proven 4-step process.

This formula skyrocketed engagement for the Computer History Museum in 2023. We’ll show real examples, share the frameworks we swear by, and reveal the cutting-edge tools that help us create viral videos.

19:00 (GMT)

There are Black People in the Future: Afrofuturism and Social Media Strategies

Join Cara Bernard and Ksenia Grishkova Orol to learn how the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture expanded concepts of Afrofuturism beyond its walls using social media.

21 November 2023

All times are (GMT) which is the time in London

14:00 (GMT)

Posts, Panic and Portraits: #BTS at #PortraitAU

With a humourous and pragmatic approach, this presentation aims to answer some industry-standard “but what if…”s that continue to get in the way of institutions increasing and maintaining their digital capability, especially in social media.

It will pull dilemmas from the Too-Hard-Basket and suggest practical, tried and tested solutions while actively considering the continued uncertainty plaguing our sector.

14:30 (GMT)

Even a Power Cut can be Fun – Tone of Voice on Social

Just because you’re a museum doesn’t mean you have to talk like one, even when things go wrong.

It’s easy to wish people a Happy Christmas, post an image of a painting with label text or apologise for ‘circumstances beyond our control’ – but what about finding a way to be more human in all these instances?

Find out how National Museums Liverpool tapped into its playful, caring and emotional side, shifting how its teams use tone of voice on social.

15:00 (GMT)

Keeping it Reel: How video storytelling saved our social life

Shifting your energy exclusively to video content creation may seem like an extreme way to run your social channels, but that’s exactly what we did.

We’ve dedicated 2023 entirely to experimenting with video storytelling and documenting what we’ve learned to find our new online voice.

15:30 (GMT)

The Path to Paid Social Outperformance

Hear firsthand how the Natural History Museum is using paid social to achieve its marketing goals. Expect real examples of using social media advertising to support campaigns, from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition to sold-out museum events.

Regardless of your budget size, there will be tips and strategies you can adopt. Come away from the talk inspired to use paid social to make your brand the main attraction.

16:00 (GMT)

Empowering Global Communities to Share Collection Stories

The Oceania Collection Voyages page takes visitors across various cultures and times by presenting the ethnographic collection of the Übersee-Museum Bremen (Northern Germany).

This project reaches across the globe to Oceania and beyond, inviting communities to observe and share their experiences, stories, and insights about historical ethnographic treasures. With many objects never before seen by Pacific communities, this groundbreaking social media project amplifies their stories.

It promotes captivating conversations that shape the museum’s understanding through formative insights and emotional connections that foster a vibrant cross-cultural dialogue where history meets modern connectivity.

16:30 (GMT)


16:45 (GMT)

Cracking the Content Creation Code

Struggling to come up with content ideas? Constantly playing catch up generating new posts after hitting publish on the last one? I will walk participants through my formula for planning, brainstorming, copywriting, and publishing informative, engaging, and unique social media posts. Working with various clients over the years, I am well-versed in different tools for project management, drafting, publishing, and measuring KPI’s—all of which I’ll touch on in this talk.

17:15 (GMT)

For all!

The Children’s Museum of Rome in 2023 has started work on transforming the museum in a more accessible and inclusive way.

How did the museum manage to involve the public in narrating the project, and what communication strategies did it implement? The answer is For all!

17:45 (GMT)

TikTok for Smaller Institutions

Woah, here she comes. She’s an anteater… Learn from the OUMNH what has helped them create a successful TikTok channel despite the small size of their team, from collections access support from visitor services staff to using fast-paced trends that engage Gen Z (our ‘lost audience’).

If you feel intimidated by TikTok or are curious about how to reach Gen Z and meaningfully engage with them online, this TikTalk is for you.

18:15 (GMT)

The Favela Museum Manifesto

This talk seeks to present digital strategies for creating the persona of the Favela Museum in practice, considered a success case among museums in São Paulo, in terms of creating a digital community.

Participants will learn about the main message, the six topics of primal branding, digital community formation, levels of awareness, motivations, persona construction, “creation stories” strategy, the innovation of using the first person in institutional language, and other strategies that built the Favela Museum from the favela community.