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Karen Palmer

Karen Palmer

Storyteller from the future

A creator of immersive film experiences combining film, AI, gaming, art, behavioural psychology and the parkour philosophy of moving through fear, Karen’s works transform the participant’s awareness in a way that is key to surviving radical technological changes to come. Karen is the creator of the RIOT prototype, an emotionally responsive film using facial recognition and A.I. technology to navigate though a dangerous riot.

In 2017, The RIOT prototype was honoured as part of the Digital Dozen Breakthroughs in Storytelling and acknowledged by Columbia DSL as the most innovative approach to Narratives in Digital Media. RIOT has also been covered in  Forbes,  CBS TV, Fast CompanyEngadget, The Guardian and NBC, among others.

Karen has exhibited at The Future of Storytelling Festival in NYC, the V&A in London, the museum of Modern Art Peru, and at the PHI Centre Montreal’s Sensory Stories Exhibition. Karen was a recently a  TED resident and an  AI Artist in Residence  at ThoughtWorks, where developed the RIOT project towards its final iteration as a multimodal, multi-player experience.

Karen Palmer