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Next Generation Summit


How does an Unlimited Ticket work?
An unlimited ticket is our most popular option. This allows everyone in one organisation to get access to both the livestream and content on-demand for £240. When you purchase this ticket you receive a link that can be shared with staff that allows them to register without further payment. This makes it easy for anyone interested to sign up without the need for lots of admin. 

What platform is the conference on?
We a web based platform for the livestream, accessing it is as simple as logging onto a web page.

Are talks signed or do they have captions?
All the talks have captions and the platform we use is optimised for accessibility.

What language are the talks in?
All talks are in English.

How long will I have access to the talks?
All delegates have on-demand access to the talks until the end of 2022.

How do I access the conference?
If you haven’t received information on how to access the conference, you can contact us at [email protected]

Do you offer discounts?
If you’re a student, unemployed or a freelancer contact us and we’ll let you know the options.