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Clémence Aycard

Clémence Aycard

Gallery Assistant
Glasgow Museums

Clémence’s passion for museums grew in France, were she graduated in Art History and Archeology from the Université Bordeaux Montaigne in 2016.

After completing her first master’s degree at Sorbonne Universités in Paris (2018), where she focused on architectural heritage and how it can be reused, adapted, and showcased, she decided to acquire field experience in an English-speaking country.

A chance opportunity saw her fly to Glasgow, Scotland, for a ‘three-to-six months’ volunteering as Curatorial Assistant with Glasgow Museums.

Almost four years later, she is recently completed a second master’s in Museums and Galleries Studies at the University of St Andrews, is employed as Gallery Assistant for the Burrell Collection (Glasgow Museums), and still volunteers her time to curatorial research, as well as guided tours at Pollok House (National Trust for Scotland, Glasgow).

In 2021, she edited Scenes from Our Climate, an online tour publicly available on Smartify, and became Carbon Literate after following a training delivered by Keep Scotland Beautiful. She then decided to turn her deep interest for museums and sustainability into a dissertation topic, focusing on Fine Arts museums’ opportunities for engagement with the issue.

MuseumNext Next Generation Summit
Tuesday, 19th July 2022

Picturing Climate: Fine Art collections & the Climate Crisis

In a world where our newsfeeds are constantly inundated with counts of dying species and burning forests, more museums are now taking a stand against climate change. Science and natural history museums have obvious assets to engage on the topic. However, if, like myself, your passions and work lie with old paintings, you may have noticed that Fine Art museums and art galleries tend to shine by their absence in the discussion. How can historical art collections help us save the world? Join me in analysing examples from three different art museums and discover the hidden powers of your collections.

Full Schedule Here

Clémence Aycard