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Marley Treloar

Marley Treloar

PhD Researcher
Coventry University

Marley Treloar is a PhD researcher at Coventry University studying digital participatory practice and community engagement. She graduated from Kingston University MA Museum and Gallery Studies in 2019.

She has 8 years experience working across the arts and heritage sector working as a freelance curator and educator in local authority museums, independent galleries and National Portfolio Organisations.

Marley is a member of the Artworks Alliance participatory network and Museums Association.

Say hi and reach out via social media @MarleyTreloar.

MuseumNext Next Generation Summit
Tuesday, 19th July 2022

Recycle Archaeology: Creative alternatives for heritage disposal

Museums are coming up against dwindling storage space for ever growing collections, while many artefacts are finding themselves in the skip as a result of not finding a home in a museum in the first place. In response to the archaeological archive’s crisis, Recycle Archaeology aims to provide an alternative to archaeological disposals, connecting artefacts with community-led creative projects for artistic and educational reuse in order to keep objects out of landfill. This initiative brings together museums, communities and artists to develop new creative reuses for discarded artefacts, engaging the public with heritage in ways outside of established collections policies.

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Marley Treloar