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Next Generation Summit


Fransje Pansters

Sharing ideas and lessons learned with peers is what I appreciate most in the Museum Next conferences and community. As we're facing more challenges now than ever, it's been SO good to hear what projects and solutions other museums have come up with. The conference has given me an energy boost, offered new insights and perspectives and most of all, it was a lovely reminder of how much I love working in the museumfield.

Fransje Pansters Van Gogh Museum
Markus Wiesenhofer

Great insights into the digital work of Museum colleagues from around the world!

Markus Wiesenhofer Belvedere Museum Vienna
Emily Kotecki

I absolutely loved the format of pre-recorded videos followed by live Q&A over five days. It's the best approach to virtual conferences I've seen so far. The backchannels and discussion forums stimulated the networking experience. I appreciate the archived videos, which I have accessed several times since the conference ended. Bravo!

Emily Kotecki Museum Learning Consultant
Barry Joseph

The curation of MuseumNext is phenomenal, providing one single steam of speakers who are greater than the sum of their parts. I feel like someone went through an overwhelming list of potential conference program paths and customized the perfect one for me.

Barry Joseph Barry Joseph Consulting
Mary E Barbosa-Jerez

I thought it was completely AMAZING, inspiring and useful. My team and I created a list of those presentations we found most inspiring and applicable to our work. We meet two times each month for a strategy meeting with a focus on reviewing one of those sessions beforehand, and then conducting a brainstorming/strategy session together about the ideas it has sparked for us, and the ways we can integrate those into our work going forward.

It was a wonderful way to spend a week, gave us a lot of the connection we'd been missing during the pandemic, was EASY and AFFORDABLE, and access to the videos afterward made the whole endeavor very low-stress ... we were able to jump in when we could, with the knowledge that we'd have access to material later when we couldn't.

Mary E Barbosa-Jerez St. Olaf College Library & Archives
Mary Kostell

I was so pleasantly surprised by how well the virtual format of MuseumNext played out. The presentations and panels were elaborate and dynamic, and my "zoom fatigue" didn't set in even once!

Mary Kostell Guru Experience Co.
Jeremy Gray

Really impressed with the international breadth of attendees and therefore the ability to learn and interact with such a global audience, all in one place.

Jeremy Gray accesso
Lynda Kelly

Amazing - well-priced, interesting range of speakers and content, and, even though I had to get up at 3am to participate "live" (being in Australia!), it was very much worth it to make new connections and re-connect with familiar faces. I think MuseumNext is setting the standard for future conferencing within and outside of the sector.

Lynda Kelly LyndaKellyNetworks
Silvie van Oost

Really enjoyed it! Lots of interesting topics. The online community was a nice plus!

Silvie van Oost Het Nieuwe Instituut
Hannah Mather

The MuseumNext Digital Summit was a fresh, interactive experience with a range of great speakers. Having the opportunity to go back over the content has been very helpful, it's allowed me to process some of the content in my own time, although this didn't stop me also joining in live with sessions and interacting via the chat, as well as attending online networking opportunities.

Hannah Mather Jarrow Hall
Kajsa Hartig

A conference that has the same ambitions as a "live" event, which means a great lineup of speakers, broad variation of presentations and on spot targeting of urgent topics for the museum sector. I especially enjoy that the presentations are available afterwards as well as it might be difficult to follow everything in real time. This in combination with the live event is vital for the museum sector to thrive and evolve.

Kajsa Hartig Västernorrlands museum
Lu Spriggs

Absolutely top-notch conference. All the talks I attended were informative and valuable, giving me not only aspirational motivation but also a lot of practical, applicable advice and insights. I can't wait for next year!

Lu Spriggs The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens
Goranka Horjan

This is a must-to-attend event for every museum professional. The MND Summit keeps you updated with relevant trends. Ongoing challenges are presented in a way which offers solutions and stimulates optimism for future of museums - and this is what we need in difficult times. Speakers are well-selected together with the topics and time flies when you listen to new innovative ideas and see the creative bias of people who work in and for museums. Emerging practices can certainly serve as an inspiration for your own museum work and urge you to action. Taking part in the Summit refuels your professional energy - so it is wise not to miss the next event.

Goranka Horjan Ethnographic Museum
Henning Lohner

The MuseumNext Digital Summits are sincerely the most informative sessions bar none. I know of nothing comparable. The sheer magnitude of the offering, presentations, talks, information shared is serious and valuable. This is where change is truly happening. I am honored and excited to be part of this incredible group of caring people. Thanks!

Henning Lohner Active Image
Elyse Partee

The MuseumNext Digital Summit provided topical, timely insight into an ever-changing facet of the museum and culture organization sector. The diversity and quality of speakers and perspectives, combined with a highly interactive networking platform, was a both a balm for the frenzied feeling the digital world can create AND an energizing catalyst to make change in realistic ways.

Elyse Partee Scott Family Amazeum
David Glasser

A platform for uninhibited fresh thinking with a really effective balance between the fresh technical and fresh thinking - nothing less from Museum Next!

David Glasser Ben Uri Gallery and Museum
Sabine Doolin

It was great to be able to take part in the Digital Summit and hear the latest about digital from museums internationally - all from the other side of the globe (I'm based in New Zealand). Watching the recordings made it more accessible (rather than getting up at 4am in my time zone). Although fully online, there was still some social experience, networking, the possibility of chats and Q&As to give some conference flair. All in all a great and highly professional experience with loads of insights across the programme (I’m still not through watching it all…).

Sabine Doolin InsightUnlocked
Meri Vesanović

The summit was fantastic!

The level of organization, quality, and diverse content provided an unforgettable experience, inspiration, and knowledge for the future. The possibility to hear stories from museums around the globe was more than helpful, relatable, and beneficial for our future endeavors.

We recommend all museums and similar professions to participate in the next MuseumNext conferences as they will come up with valuable information to help them find their unique place in the digital realm.

Meri Vesanović Muze / Muses
Mark Pajak

The series of talks we attended were really useful and covered a range of digital issues that were relevant to our current situation. The organisation and presentation were all excellent and we'll be interested in attending more...

Mark Pajak Bristol Museums
Edwin Bartnik

It's a great opportunity to explore new things that you don't necessarily learn at your desk, that you can learn from other people from different museums as well as best practices from experts.

Edwin Bartnik zone4
Magnus Jensner

The MuseumNext conferences, whether it is live or digital, always manage to gather a great variety of people and speakers. It is always very accessible, held in a friendly including spirit which promotes good dialogue and discussions between speakers and audience. You're always looking forward to attending the next conference or gathering.

Magnus Jensner Hallands Konstmuseum
Mafalda Ricca

It is truly and interesting and credible event to be updated about the trends, about what museums and visitor centres are doing, about the future of this fascinating sector.

Mafalda Ricca X-Plora