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MuseumNext is a global conference series on the future of museums, taking place in the world’s cultural capitals since 2009. It is a catalyst for innovation, transformation and collaboration in museums, galleries and heritage sites.

In 2018 the conference takes place in Brisbane, London, Berlin and New York.

Call for Ideas MuseumNext NYC

On 1 – 2 November 2018 the conference will take place in New York City.

Every MuseumNext conference has a theme around which the community comes together, this year that is designing the future of museums.

Our conference shares best practice, innovations and ideas from our diverse community in the form of 20 minute presentations, we are interested in opinions, case studies and discussions on the following subjects:

  • How will the museum of the future be designed?
  • How can technology add to the design of museums?
  • How are museums collaborating with the public to co-design more meaningful experiences?
  • How can museums incorporate design thinking and service design into their work?
  • How can design be used to bring new audiences to our institutions?

Proposals should be submitted through the Google Form linked below by March 1st 2018.

Proposals should contain a title, names of presenters, a summary of the themes to be addressed, relevant links as well as a description of the expected learning outcomes.

Those wishing to put forward a talk should be aware that we usually receive in excess of 600 proposals and have only 16 speaking slots.

Past experience and direction from our peer panel tell us that proposals from commercial companies working with the sector will be looked upon more favourably if presented with a museum.

We would also note that those who have presented at MuseumNext in the past 12 months are unlikely to be selected because of the overwhelming number of people applying to speak.

Conference speakers will receive one free tickets per presentation, further speaker tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate. We unfortunately can’t cover travel or hotel expenses.