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How Not to Die of Excellence

Adam Lerner will speak about the vulnerabilities associated with going outside conventional ways of doing things in an arts organization, discussing his own experience applying…

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Decolonising Display

Sara Wajid Head of Engagement, Museum of London Shaheen Kasmani Artist, Curator and Creative Producer The experimental StoryLab prototyping display at Birmingham Museum and the…

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Disruptive Indigeneity

Jérémie Michael McGowan Director, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum A story about indigenising and decolonising the museum, presenting concrete strategies and actionable measures for rapid change. We can…

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Stop being so fragile

Chris Michaels Digital Director, National Gallery This presentation will define a new strategic environment for Museums. Identifying what museums role should be in the Creative…

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Welcome to the Funhouse

Scott Stulen is an artist, DJ and curator, but perhaps his most subversive act is becoming the director of the Philbrook Museum of Art. Stulen…

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