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What Museums Can Learn from the Tech Industry

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Alexis O’Banion, Design Services Manager, Mingei international Museum
Amber O’Banion, Technical Program Manager, Intuit

The most important technology a Museum can implement is never seen by visitors. Amber and Alexis will show how any Museum can create a scalable framework, by combining the three principles below, enabling them become a nimble, potent force—able to take on any project, exhibition, or strategic initiative.

Most museum departments operate in silos. Increased transparency leads to collaboration. The tech industry approach internal communication differently from external communication. Email and social media is set aside for communicating with those outside of the organization. Using Slack, WhatsApp, Wikis and other SaaS products – internal communication is immediate and effective. Amber and Alexis will illustrate how these practices have contributed to time savings, increased collaboration. •

Know what you don’t know. The best workflows are built on the foundation of transparency. Most museum departments are dependent on each other. Without structure, much time is wasted tracking down information, content, images, etc. The tech industry embraces creating central repositories for information needed by many departments. Amber and Alexis will get into the nitty and the gritty showing examples of creating workflows for each functional department, and connecting those workflows for the entire institution using core principles of Agile.

So much work is still being done long-hand at Museums. The tech industry is constantly asking: Can This Be Automated? From free or freemium products, such as IFTTT and Zapier, many tasks, complicated and mundane, can be completed without using any staff time.