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Tate, Prison And The Pentagon

Linking Tate Britain’s historic site, where convicts were first imprisoned 200 years ago, to the present-day military defense HQ, the Pentagon, Victoria’s presentation considers how…

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The Importance of And

The following presentation was made by Elaine Heumann Gurian at the MuseumNext Melbourne conference at ACMI on 16 February 2017. Kia Ora. Let me begin…

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Outside – In

This presentation by Tony Butler, Executive Director of Derby Museums Trust was filmed at MuseumNext New York in November 2016. He discusses why what happens ‘out…

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Omnichannel Museum

The Omnichannel Museum

Open Stage at MuseumNext is a series of quick fire presentations on the Future of Museums. In this presentation filmed at MuseumNext New York in…

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