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Community Engagement Manager

  • Organisation:National Museum Liverpool
  • Location:Liverpool
  • Salary:£25,034 - £31,521
  • Contract type:Contract Temporary

Purpose and Objectives

To create a series of activities and actions to encourage community engagement and participation (described as ‘co-production’) as a core part of the development of the International Slavery Museum Transformation Project and linked projects on National Museums Liverpool’s waterfront site. This activity will enable significant involvement and effective community contribution to the project (for example from local BAME* communities and survivors of contemporary forms of slavery).

To create a new approach to co-production that challenges how museum content is created and delivered in the UK by ensuring the widest possible involvement by communities, ensuring their voices are heard and their stories are told.

To coordinate and champion co-produced contributions for all aspects of the project, ensuring a process that allows for effective and timely input from all involved communities.

To work with the Learning & Participation, Curatorial and Project teams to develop, support and promote best practice in co-production across the Transformation Project, working alongside colleagues and community partners.

*NOTE: the use of ‘BAME’ is under review by our BAME Staff Group (August 2020)

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The Community Engagement Manager is based in the Learning & Participation team at National Museums Liverpool (NML) and will work on our projects to transform the International Slavery Museum (ISM) and our waterfront site. The role reports to the Learning & Participation Lead (Young People & Adults) and will work closely with the project team for the transformation of ISM and our waterfront site.

Creation and implementation of an effective approach for co-production through

  • Working with the Learning & Participation Team and the ISM Project Team to develop the plan for a community-led model of working with Black communities and other key stakeholders that are part of ISM’s broader remit, such as survivors of contemporary forms of slavery. This model of working will define the project’s development. By working alongside community and internal teams, the Community Engagement Manager will co-produce the content and stories for the museum.
  • Creating an approach for working with communities in developing the stories and activity programming for the ISM Project alongside, and including, the wider Waterfront Transformation Project.
  • Building relationships with key organisations in the Liverpool City Region to engage more with BAME communities and help develop a co-production framework to facilitate their contributions.
  • Developing and delivering linked programming and events with colleagues and community partners (for example leading on the annual Slavery Remembrance Day events in August 2021).
  • Acting, with support from colleagues, as a central point for information exchange between BAME communities and organisations for the ISM Project as well as across National Museums Liverpool.
  • Developing a plan to enable all co-produced elements of the project to be fully integrated with the overall project delivery plan and timescales, including information for potential funders.
  • Working with colleagues and communities to develop an innovative approach to co-production that uses a range of engagement opportunities to ensure the widest possible access to and participation in the project.
  • Managing and championing the implementation of the co-production plan across the project.
  • Developing linked partnership projects to include volunteering, training, paid community internships and apprenticeships.

Project Management

  • Assist the Project Lead and colleagues in identifying training requirements and development programmes to support skills development among the project team to allow the effective delivery of co-production.
  • Lead on project evaluation and review cycles with community partners and colleagues to ensure the co-production framework remains adaptable, effective and relevant throughout the project.
  • Act as a supporter, advocate and influencer among all stakeholders, partners and contractors for the benefits of co-production within the project.
  • Work with the Learning & Participation Lead (Young People and Adults), the Project Lead and other colleagues to ensure the infrastructure and communication channels are in place to support the development of best practice in co-production among the teams delivering the project.


  • Develop an environment of collaborative problem solving in approaching the implementation of all co-production processes and create a positive environment for community partners and colleagues to make their ongoing contributions.
  • Document, share and champion NML’s experiences and learning about co-production and its application in project development within the project team, other NML departments, the local community, and national and international organisations.

Within NML, work closely with

  • Learning and Participation Lead (Young People and Adults) and all colleagues in the department
  • Project Lead, ISM/MMM Project
  • Head of International Slavery Museum and curatorial department
  • Head of Learning & Participation
  • Head of Merseyside Maritime Museum
  • Other project team members for the ISM/MMM and Waterfront Transformation Project
  • Colleagues from across NML departments

Other duties

  • Adhere to the standards expected of all public services as defined by the HM Treasury publication “Managing Public Money”. Those standards are honesty, impartiality, accountability, openness, accuracy, reliability, transparency, objectivity, integrity and fairness. These standards should be carried out in the spirit of, as well as the letter of, the law; in the public interest; to high ethical standards and achieving value for money.
  • Contribute to the management, discussion and communication of risk as appropriate to your role. Ensure you follow, adhere to and implement (where appropriate) effective controls for policies, processes and systems within your department, directorate and for the organisation.
  • Assist with the supervision of volunteers and work placement students, undertaking periodic appraisal and facilitating their training in association with IS staff and NML’s HR team.
  • Develop NML’s commitment to Equality and Diversity and promote non-discriminatory practices in all aspects of work undertaken.
  • Manage National Museum Liverpool’s Health and Safety Policies and Procedures, National Museums Liverpool’s access and Safeguarding policy as well as other appropriate practices and guidelines.
  • Take responsibility for personally participating in the Performance Development & Review process (PDR).
  • Undertake additional duties, as required, from time to time.
  • Undertake training and development courses and programmes, as required.
  • Show the highest integrity and confidentiality in the pursuance of these duties.

The details contained in this job description reflect the content of this job at the date of being prepared. It is however possible that over time the nature of the job will change. Consequently National Museums Liverpool will expect to revise this job description from time to time and will consult with the post holder at the appropriate time.

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