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Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre Manager

  • Organisation:Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery
  • Location:Carlisle, England
  • Salary:£33,485 - £35,336
  • Contract type:Full Time


  • Full day-to-day responsibility for the delivery of the organisation’s work programmes, management of staff, volunteers and resources.
  • Lead on the liaison between customers and stakeholders and the development of policies and plans for promotion of the Centre and its fundraising needs.
  • Day-to-day responsibility for effective use and security of the organisation’s resources, including data, the office and monies.


Staff Management

  1. Line manage staff and volunteers, through day-to-day liaison, setting work programmes, implementation of the CBDC performance development system, co-ordination of relevant training, recruitment, and supervision.

Operational Control

  1. Ensure that all operational policies and procedure are adhered to by all staff and volunteers in all activities, by providing necessary training and explanation, and ensuring effective monitoring of their application.
  2. Identify the need for policies and procedures and oversee development of these, by consulting staff, volunteers, users and recorders, maintaining awareness of national guidelines, gathering examples of good practice, and delegating development work or drafting material, as appropriate.
  3. Oversee delivery of all work for customers, including Service Level Agreements, Special Projects and one-off tasks.
  4. Oversee liaison with organisations, recording groups and individual recorders to negotiate arrangements for CBDC to manage their data.

Promotion and development of the customer-base

  1. Negotiate with existing and new customers with the support of the GIS & Data Manager to identify their data and service needs, and agree terms, conditions and costings within agreed guidelines, including, where appropriate, the development and agreement of Service Level Agreements.
  2. Agree special projects with customers, by preparing specifications and costings, preparing tenders and carrying out negotiations as appropriate.
  3. Work with staff and Steering Group members to identify potential markets and opportunities for CBDC’s service, by identifying organisations with an interest in or influence on Cumbria’s wildlife, and researching their role, responsibilities and scale of operation.
  4. Market CBDC’s services to appropriate audiences, through, for example, website, production of leaflets and other materials, writing articles for journals, giving presentations at conferences, and direct marketing techniques.
  5. Liaise with potential customers to maintain a high level of awareness of current and future needs for information products, by participating in relevant local and national networks and conferences, through formal and informal one-to-one liaison, and by reading relevant materials including journals, web sites, and newsletters.

Business development and networking

  1. Act as an ambassador and spokesperson for CBDC by representing the Centre to a wide range of audiences (including customers, sponsors, funders and data suppliers) at all levels and in a diverse range of circumstances.
  2. Liaise with relevant North-west and UK organisations and networks, including ALERC, NFBR and NBN, to keep up-to-date with current developments and, when appropriate, to contribute to the development of national policies and programmes influencing CBDC.
  3. In co-operation with the CBDC Steering Group, contribute to developing the Centre by identifying opportunities and threats and developing original ideas for the Centre’s future and co-ordinating the strategic development of CBDC, through preparing discussion papers and overseeing revision of the CBDC Business plan.

Business and office management

  1. Support the development of key data centre documents such as MoU and Hosting agreement
  2. Oversee day-to-day operations at the CBDC office, including ensuring facilities such as telephones, photocopiers and general office equipment are maintained and used appropriately. September 2022
  3. Implement effective systems to ensure office security and ensure that the office is manned at all appropriate times.
  4. Develop, specify, let and manage any external contracts for work, as necessary.
  5. Develop and implement Health and Safety procedures for all CBDC work.
  6. Ensure preparation of CBDC reports including quarterly progress reports for Tullie House Management team, CBDC Steering Group meetings, annual reports, and reports for customers with Service Level Agreements.

Financial management

  1. Prepare annual and project budgets.
  2. Contribute to book-keeping by keeping necessary financial records and preparing records as required.

Other duties

  1. Work flexibly across the service to deliver the Trust’s business plan.
  2. Undertake such other duties that are required from time to time and are commensurate with this position.

Mandatory for all staff

Take care of your personal health and safety and that of others and report any health and safety concerns. Ensure proactive compliance with the THMAGT H&S Policies, including risk assessments and implementing safe systems of work.

Special Features

  • ‘The post-holder will maintain liaison with the Tullie House Museum Natural Sciences team, identifying opportunities for collaboration and mutual support’.
  • Enhanced DBS check required
  • Weekend and evening working, and travel within Cumbria will be frequent (i.e. sometimes more than once a week) and occasionally elsewhere in the UK.
  • The post-holder will be line-managed by the Head of Collections & Engagement, Tullie House who will approve work programmes, provide support, and carry out performance development appraisals, but will not provide day-to-day supervision
  • The post-holder will be accountable to the CBDC Steering Group.

Application Process

If you are inspired by the role and would like to apply for the position, please send your CV and a covering statement (of no more than 500 words), detailing any relevant experience and knowledge, and what interests you about this role to [email protected] by 5pm on Friday 4 November 2022.

You will be notified by email on Tuesday 8 November 2022 if you have been selected for interview. Interviews will take place at Tullie House Museum on Monday 14 November 2022. If you have any further questions please contact HR or Anna Smalley, Head of Collections & Engagement – [email protected]

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